Never Write a Cold Email Again

Revy is the autonomous AI agent that automatically researches your prospects and crafts personalized emails based on what it finds.




Automated prospect research

Free up hours of your time by letting Revy handle all of your prospect research for you.

Revy AI research configuration

Revy researches what you care about

Sick of signals that aren't actually relevant? Let Revy know what you care about and it will answer the questions you have about your prospects.



Generate highly personalized cold emails

Revy uses the research it finds to write highly personalized cold emails that get responses.

image of Revy AI's customized sales emails



Send using your favorite tool

Send from Gmail

Revy integrates with Gmail so you can send right from your existing inbox.

Export to your favourite sequencing tool

Revy makes it easy to add your personalized emails to your favourite sequencing tool.

graphic showing the Revy AI email send options

Get Started

It's time to ditch manual prospecting for good and put your pipeline generation on autopilot.